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Title: The brassinosteroid receptor BRI 1 can generate cGMP enabling cGMP ‐dependent downstream signaling
Authors: Wong, Aloysius 
Marondedze, Claudius 
Kwezi, Lusisizwe 
Freihat, Lubna 
Vyas, Jignesh 
Gehring, Chris 
Wheeler, Janet I. 
Groen, Arnoud J. 
Raji, Misjudeen A. 
Irving, Helen R. 
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
Source: Wheeler, J. I., Wong, A., Marondedze, C., Groen, A. J., Kwezi, L., Freihat, L., ... & Gehring, C. (2017). The brassinosteroid receptor BRI 1 can generate cGMP enabling cGMP‐dependent downstream signaling. The Plant Journal, 91(4), 590-600.
Journal: The Plant Journal
Abstract: The brassinosteroid receptor brassinosteroid insensitive 1 (BRI 1) is a member of the leucine‐rich repeat receptor‐like kinase family. The intracellular kinase domain of BRI 1 is an active kinase and also encapsulates a guanylate cyclase catalytic centre. Using liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry, we confirmed that the recombinant cytoplasmic domain of BRI 1 generates pmol amounts of cGMP per μg protein with a preference for magnesium over manganese as a co‐factor. Importantly, a functional BRI 1 kinase is essential for optimal cGMP generation. Therefore, the guanylate cyclase activity of BRI 1 is modulated by the kinase while cGMP , the product of the guanylate cyclase, in turn inhibits BRI 1 kinase activity. Furthermore, we show using Arabidopsis root cell cultures that cGMP rapidly potentiates phosphorylation of the downstream substrate brassinosteroid signaling kinase 1 (BSK 1). Taken together, our results suggest that cGMP acts as a modulator that enhances downstream signaling while dampening signal generation from the receptor.
DOI: 10.1111/tpj.13589
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