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120083R’s of used car recovery in Philippine’s approachChiu, Candy L. 
22012Adoption of Internet banking in UAE: Factors underlying adoption characteristicsChiu, Candy L. ; Mansumitrchai, Somkiat 
32017Challenges and factors influencing initial trust and behavioral intention to use mobile banking services in the PhilippinesChiu, Jason L. ; Bool, Nelson C. ; Chiu, Candy L. 
42014Facebook users in United Arab Emirates: Underlying the factors and demographic analysisMansumitrchai, Somkiat ; Park, Choo-Hui ; Chiu, Candy L. 
52012Factors underlying the adoption of social network: A study of Facebook users in South KoreaMansumitrchai, Somkiat ; Park, Choo-Hui ; Chiu, Candy L. 
62018The nature of crowdfunding in China: Initial evidenceHuang, Zaiyu ; Chiu, Candy L. ; Mo, Sha ; Marjerison, Rob K. 
72020A study of environmental disclosures practices in Chinese energy industryChiu, Candy L. ; Zhang, Jingxin ; Li, Mingrui ; Wei, Siyu ; Xu, Shengnan ; Chai, Xiaotong 

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Chiu, Candy L.
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