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Author:  Perrin, Joy M.

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12017All that glitters isnโ€™t gold: The complexities of usage statistics as an assessment tool for digital librariesPerrin, Joy M. ; Yang, Le ; Barba, Shelley ; Winkler, Heidi M. 
22015Digital preservation challenges with an ETD collection: A case study at Texas Tech UniversityPerrin, Joy M. ; Winkler, Heidi M. ; Yang, Le 
32017Know your crowd: A case study in digital collection marketingPerrin, Joy M. ; Winkler, Heidi M. ; Daniel, Kaley ; Barba, Shelley ; Yang, Le 
42014Tutorials on Google Analytics: How to craft a web analytics report for a library Web SiteYang, Le ; Perrin, Joy M. 

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