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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-20192018.7.23 Unfinished poemHuang, Sijia 
20083R’s of used car recovery in Philippine’s approachChiu, Candy L. 
2014Aberrant gene expression in the Arabidopsis SULTR1; 2 mutants suggests a possible regulatory role for this sulfate transporter in response to sulfur nutrient statusZhang, Bo ; Pasini, Rita ; Dan, Hanbin ; Joshi, Naveen ; Zhao, Yihong ; Leustek, Thomas ; Zheng, Zhi-Liang 
2020Abnormal accruals, normal accruals and stock trading costsWeng, Yuxin 
2020Accessing transportation applications’ impact on customers’ choices of public transportation: The case of Chinese millennialsLu, Yujie 
2020Accounting conservatism and enterprise investment efficiencyXue, Bingruyue 
2020Accounting conservatism and IFRS adoption in ChinaChen, Jiayi 
2020Accounting information and stock price reaction: An empirical evidence from China’s A-shares stock marketLiu, Ruoling 
2020Accounting students’ love of money and their ethical perception: Evidence from ChinaChen, Jinhui 
2012Adoption of Internet banking in UAE: Factors underlying adoption characteristicsMansumitrchai, Somkiat ; Chiu, Candy L. 
2020Advanced cataloging of Lysine-63 polyubiquitin networks by genomic, interactome, and sensor-based proteomic analysesRomero-Barrios, Natali ; Monachello, Dario ; Dolde, Ulla ; Wong, Aloysius ; San Clemente, Hélène ; Cayrel, Anne ; Johnson, Alexander ; Lurin, Claire ; Vert, Grégory 
2020Advocacy and implementation of Stony Brook University’s global library initiativesHuang, Michael B. ; Gao, Lu 
Dec-2019After the massPowell, John 
Dec-2019Afternoon, a broken ivory maiden sculptureHuang, Sijia 
2012Aid effectiveness, political instability and economic growth in Bangladesh: An empirical re-investigationRahman, Md. J. ; Hossain, Mohammad I. 
2017All that glitters isn’t gold: The complexities of usage statistics as an assessment tool for digital librariesPerrin, Joy M. ; Yang, Le ; Barba, Shelley ; Winkler, Heidi M. 
2016Aluminum toxicity risk reduction as a result of reduced acid deposition in adirondack lakes and pondsMichelena, Toby M. ; Farrell, Jeremy L. ; Winkler, David A. ; Goodrich, Christine A. ; Boylen, Charles W. ; Sutherland, James W. ; Nierzwicki-Bauer, Sandra A. 
2020Analysis of entrepreneurial mindset as predictor of start-up desire in south-east China: Considering social causes interestLin, Yinan 
2020Analysis of the effects of applying the new ASBE 21 Leases on the financial statementsXu, Yun 
2012Analysis of the genome of Mycobacterium abscessus strain M94 reveals an uncommon cluster of tRNAsChoo, Siew W. ; Wong, Yan L. ; Leong, Mee L. ; Heydari, Hamed ; Ong, Chia S. ; Ng, Kee P. ; Ngeow, Yun F.