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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001Kinetics and morphologies of viscoelastic phase separationZhang, Jianing ; Zhang, Zhenli ; Zhang, Hongdong ; Yang, Yuliang 
2003Vibration control of an ER seat suspension for a commercial vehicleChoi, S. B. ; Choi, Jeonghwan ; Lee, Y. S. ; Han, M. S. 
2005The role of entrepreneurship in developing countries in recognition of the Philippine MSME sectorChiu, Candy L. ; Cabanda, Emilyn C. 
2007Identification and analysis of functional elements in 1% of the human genome by the ENCODE pilot projectChoo, Siew W. ; The ENCODE Project Consortium 
2007Pseudogenes in the ENCODE regions: Consensus annotation, analysis of transcription and evolutionZheng, Deyou ; Frankish, Adam ; Baertsch, Robert ; Kapranov, Philipp ; Reymond, Alexandre ; Choo, Siew W. ; Lu, Yontao ; Denoeud, France ; Antonarakis, Stylianos E. ; Snyder, Michael ; Ruan, Yijun ; Wei, Chia-Lin ; Gingeras, Thomas R. ; Guigó, Roderic ; Harrow, Jennifer ; Gerstein, Mark B. 
2007Fusion transcripts and transcribed retrotransposed loci discovered through comprehensive transcriptome analysis using Paired-End diTags (PETs)Ruan, Yijun ; Ooi, Hong S. ; Choo, Siew W. ; Chiu, Kuo P. ; Zhao, Xiao D. ; Srinivasan, K.G. ; Yao, Fei ; Choo, Chiou Y. ; Liu, Jun ; Ariyaratne, Pramila ; Bin, Wilson G.W. ; Kuznetsov, Vladimir A. ; Shahab, Atif ; Sung, Wing-Kin ; Bourque, Guillaume ; Palanisamy, Nallasivam ; Wei, Chia-Lin 
2007Monte Carlo simulations of single crystals from polymer solutionsZhang, Jianing ; Muthukumara, M. 
2008Lesson from jeepney industry in the PhilippinesChiu, Candy L. 
20083R’s of used car recovery in Philippine’s approachChiu, Candy L. 
2009The ethylene receptor ETR2 delays floral transition and affects starch accumulation in riceWuriyanghan, Hada ; Zhang, Bo ; Cao, Wan-Hong ; Ma, Biao ; Lei, Gang ; Liu, Yun-Feng ; Wei, Wei ; Wu, Hua-Jun ; Chen, Li-Juan ; Chen, Hao‐Wei ; Cao, Yang-Rong ; He, Si-Jie ; Zhang, Wan-Ke ; Wang, Xiu-Jie ; Chen, Shou‐Yi ; Zhang, Jin‐Song 
2009Zoo as ecotourism attraction: Case of Dhaka zooRahman, Md. J. ; Shinwary, Salman S. ; Uddin, Md. M. 
2009Simulations of nucleation and elongation of amyloid fibrilsZhang, Jianing ; Muthukumara, M. 
2009Paint industry in Bangladesh: A case study of berger paint Bangladesh LTD.Rahman, Md. J. ; Biswas, Shyamapada ; Jewel, Md. M. H. ; Chowdhury, Shegufta H. 
2011Factors underlying the adoption of online banking by Mexican consumersMansumitrchai, Somkiat ; AL-Malkawi, Husam-Aldin N. 
2011Do busy managers perform better? Evidence from mutual fundsZhang, Jianing 
2011NIMA-related kinase NEK6 affects plant growth and stress response in ArabidopsisZhang, Bo ; Chen, Hao‐Wei ; Mu, Rui‐Ling ; Zhang, Wang‐Ke ; Zhao, Ming‐Yu ; Wei, Wei ; Wang, Fang ; Yu, Hui ; Lei, Gang ; Zou, Hong‐Feng ; Ma, Biao ; Chen, Shou‐Yi ; Zhang, Jin‐Song 
2011Industry timing versus security selection: Evidence from mutual fund return decompositionZhang, Jianing 
2012Women in entrepreneurship education in U.S. higher educationChoi, Jeonghwan ; Jeong, Sunny ; Kehoe, Cynthia 
2012Can dual-currency sovereign CDS predict exchange rate returns?Pu, Xiaoling ; Zhang, Jianing 
2012Adoption of Internet banking in UAE: Factors underlying adoption characteristicsMansumitrchai, Somkiat ; Chiu, Candy L.