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2012Annotated genome sequenceof Mycobacterium massiliense strain M154, belonging to the recently created taxon Mycobacterium abscessus subspecies bolletii comb. nov.Choo, Siew W. ; Wong, Yan L. ; Tan, Joon L. ; Ong, Chia S. ; Wong, Guat J. ; Ng, Kee P. ; Ngeow, Yun F. 
2014Comparative genomic analysis of Mycobacterium iranicum UM_TJL against representative mycobacterial species suggests its environmental originTan, Joon L. ; Ngeow, Yun F. ; Wee, Wei Y. ; Wong, Guat J. ; Ng, Hien F. ; Choo, Siew W. 
2012Genome sequence of Mycobacterium massiliense M18, isolated from a lymph node biopsy specimenNgeow, Yun F. ; Wong, Yan L. ; Tan, Joon L. ; Arumugam, Ramitha ; Wong, Guat J. ; Ong, Chia S. ; Ng, Kee P. ; Choo, Siew W. 
2014Genomic reconnaissance of multiple, clinically isolates of emerging human pathogen Mycobacterium abscessus reveals high evolutionary potentialChoo, Siew W. ; Wee, Wei Y. ; Ngeow, Yun F. ; Mitchell, Wayne ; Tan, Joon L. ; Wong, Guat J. ; Zhao, Yongbing ; Xiao, Jingfa 
2013A phylogenomic approach to bacterial subspecies classification: Proof of concept in Mycobacterium abscessusTan, Joon L. ; Khang, Tsung F. ; Ngeow, Yun F. ; Choo, Siew W. 
2015Support from phylogenomic networks and subspecies signatures for separation of Mycobacterium massiliense from Mycobacterium bolletiiTan, Joon L. ; Ngeow, Yun F. ; Choo, Siew W.