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2017The brassinosteroid receptor BRI 1 can generate cGMP enabling cGMP ‐dependent downstream signalingWheeler, Janet I. ; Wong, Aloysius ; Marondedze, Claudius ; Groen, Arnoud J. ; Kwezi, Lusisizwe ; Freihat, Lubna ; Vyas, Jignesh ; Raji, Misjudeen A. ; Irving, Helen R. ; Gehring, Chris 
2015Cyclic nucleotide monophosphates in plants and plant signalingMarondedze, Claudius ; Wong, Aloysius ; Thomas, Ludivine ; Irving, Helen ; Gehring, Chris 
2018Discovery of novel functional centers with rationally designed amino acid motifsWong, Aloysius ; Tian, Xuechen ; Gehring, Chris ; Marondedze, Claudius 
2015Exploring the Arabidopsis proteome: Influence of protein solubilization buffers on proteome coverageMarondedze, Claudius ; Wong, Aloysius ; Groen, Arnoud ; Serrano, Natalia ; Jankovic, Boris ; Lilley, Kathryn ; Gehring, Christoph ; Thomas, Ludivine 
2016Growth and development of Arabidopsis thaliana under single-wavelength red and blue laser lightOoi, Amanda ; Wong, Aloysius ; Ng, Tien K. ; Marondedze, Claudius ; Gehring, Christoph ; Ooi, Boon S. 
2016Proteomics of fruit development and ripeningWong, Aloysius ; Thomas, Ludivine ; Gehring, Christoph ; Marondedze, Claudius 
2018Towards a tailored indoor horticulture: A functional genomics guided phenotypic approachMarondedze, Claudius ; Liu, Xinyun ; Huang, Sihui ; Wong, Cynthia ; Zhou, Xuan ; Pan, Xutong ; An, Huiting ; Xu, Nuo ; Tian, Xuechen ; Wong, Aloysius